We focus on the following investment areas:

1. Operating Companies

Going concerns with temporary or permanent atypical characteristics, including, but not limited to,

  • Under-performing or under-managed companies, often with overleveraged capital structures;
  • Conglomerates with break-up value-creation potential;
  • Divisions of larger companies that may not have realized their full potential due to lack of resources, focus, or capitalization;
  • Businesses where the relationship between existing owners deteriorates and begins to have an adverse effect on performance.

2. Non Operating Companies

We acquire assets and/or debt of companies in liquidation, or with no longer an underlying industrial activity, for the purpose of – but not limited to – the exclusive management of the liquidation process and/or the negotiations with creditors.

3. Share Portfolios

· Individual Share Portfolio

A Lehumo Managed Portfolio is a diversified, fully managed share portfolio, tailored to meet your individual investment needs.

· Professional Active Management

Lehumo actively manages and invests portfolios according to prevailing market conditions. The objective is to deliver positive returns and to manage risk through all market conditions.

· Performance Based Fee Structure

Lehumo are remunerated by sharing in your investment returns – so if positive returns aren’t made, Lehumo doesn’t charge for its management. Importantly, this also creates a strong alignment of interests so you can be confident that Lehumo always act in your best interest to maximise returns and protect capital.

· Complete Transparency

Investor portfolios are held directly in your own name so that you can see exactly what you’re buying, selling and holding at all times.