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Lehumo Investments understands that in today’s fast paced and often volatile market it is understandable why investors have difficulty making investment decisions. Knowing what sectors and companies to invest in and when the right time to buy is are vital decisions that can affect investment returns.

Every client is different requiring specialised needs, however all clients generally have the same goal for their investment portfolio, to grow and protect their wealth. 

Lehumo Investments Client have the unique opportunity of working with an experienced advisor and portfolio manager whose sole aim is to help grow your investment returns.

We are experts in the management & development of investment portfolios, we will manage every aspect of the portfolio on your behalf; risk management, position sizing, currency risk, margin lending, what to buy, when to buy, when to sell, with the aim to build a portfolio that will deliver you long term growth and income.

We are specialist in equities and derivatives trading and will be able to advice on multiple strategies including hedging, generating income, options strategies, short term (volatility) investments and long-term investments.

Through our strategic global partners you will have access to all major global markets, opportunities and services that are not widely available in South Africa, including the Europe; USA and Asia.

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