Funeral Plan


  R5000 R10000 R15000 R20000 R25000 R30000
 Single 14-65 R18 R30 R42 R53 R64 R76
 Single 66-75 R40 R73 R104 R136 R167 R198
 Single with child 14-65 R24 R39 R56 R72 R87 R104
 Single with child 66-75 R43 R77 R113 R147 R182 R216
 Family 14-65 R27 R45 R63 R83 R100 R118
 Family 66-75 R59 R108 R158 R208 R257 R307


  R5000 R10000 R15000 R20000
 Single 14-65 R13 R24 R35 R47
 Single 66-75 R34 R66 R97 R129
 Single 76-85 R59 R115 R170 R226
 Family 85+ R93 R180 R268 R356

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